How Do You Conduct Surveillance On A Cheating Spouse?

You doubt your partner’s fidelity, but you wouldn’t want to appear on the reality show Cheaters. Then how do you find out what interests you and see what the truth is? Sure, there are ways to do it, but you may have to play detective as well. And although the famous Sherlock Holmes could not tell you how to conduct surveillance on a cheating spouse – we will!

A Thin Line Between Trust And Doubt


I doubt it, so I exist! Even if this sounds silly to you, it’s a thought that resists all times – and often remains the last bastion of human dignity. But when it comes to love, there is sometimes a thin line between love, doubt – and even paranoia. In a split of a second, we can slip from trust to disbelief. It just happens. Sometimes we are frightened by the sudden absence of warmth in our partner. Sometimes, we are worried about the possibility that we are no longer the only person in his or her life, heart, and thoughts. And also, there are some of us, who are, perhaps by nature, deeply suspicious. That’s why many of us ask the same question: Have we been cheated on? Just a flicker of suspicion is enough to indulge in a true espionage action.

How To Check Out Your Partner? Ways Are Numerous!

Hungry for proof that our partner or a spouse is hiding something – we first start rummaging through his belongings. We are looking for some signs, traces, lipstick prints, scents. Anything that will lead us to the conclusion: Yes, my spouse is cheating on me. Whenever we have the chance, we look at what’s in our partner’s phone. We read text messages, look at pictures, and follow the call list. And when we have no proof, every letter can be a trigger for doubt – and it boosts the appetite for new spy actions. We look into a spouse’s social media profiles, we desperately scratch on Facebook and Instagram, we follow who liked pictures, and with whom he or she became friends.

Gather Evidence Before You Accuse Your Spouse


In recent years, infidelity has become the number one reason responsible for numerous divorces. It is quite certain that the cheated spouse feels betrayed, humiliated – and emotionally shaken. However, suspicion alone is not enough to accuse your spouse of infidelity. You need the evidence. The evidence must be solid and for something like that, you have to conduct a more detailed investigation – or even catch a cheating partner. And no matter how uncomfortable it may be, sometimes we are forced to take such a step for the sake of our future within our marriage. By gathering evidence, you will be able to face the situation directly and confront your partner with what you have found out (if you have found out something). Of course, we often cannot do this alone because we do not have enough knowledge, technical devices, or experience in this business. Therefore, if you want to supervise your spouse on suspicion of cheating on you – it is best to hire professionals.

Conducting An Investigation On Your Spouse

If you want to know the truth and get rid of your suspicions – it is best to hire professionals who will conduct an investigation for you. You will be neither the first nor the last to turn to private investigators in a situation like this. According to SQPI, experienced investigators are already versed in these situations, and will very closely monitor your spouse’s activities and they will gather relevant information and evidence. These are the surveillance methods that most often give results.

Video Surveillance And Photos On-Site


This is the most commonly used and most effective method of spying on a spouse suspected of adultery. Of course, you need special devices, as well as knowledge of the use of technologies used for this purpose. Video surveillance involves on-site videos made in real-time when they occur. Photos can be used too – although videos are always more valuable because they can tell us much more. Videos can also include a conversation between people who are in a certain place – so this method of surveillance is the most reliable proof of the existence of adultery.

Network Monitoring

Even though you think that by looking at your spouse’s profile on social networks you will find out something – you are wrong. There are ways an adulterer can hide his chat activities or simply delete incriminating emails. That is why professionals are valuable because they have the knowledge and technology to monitor all online activities. With their help, you can come into possession of hidden or even deleted files and emails that can be relevant evidence of adultery.

Bugs And Recording Devices


This is another common method used by many, even professionals. Namely, small-format hidden cameras, recording devices, as well as popular bugs that are hidden all over the house – are relics of the past. However, they are still in use, and believe it or not – they still can provide good results.

GPS Tracking

This is one of the contemporary and very commonly used monitoring methods. With it, we can determine where the spouse was moving with his vehicle, which routes, where did he stop, etc. So, this is another method of further gathering information about the subject under surveillance. It can help you further by giving you details about specific movements – which you can connect to other information you collect.

Bank Account Search


Secretly spending money is often another indicator that marital adultery is at stake. Gifts, dinners, and travels – are the most common reasons for spending money outside of marriage. However, sometimes it is difficult to get true information about where and on whom the money was spent. However, with the help of professionals, you will easily get this information.

Who Spies More, Men Or Women?

Some research says women are more likely to spy on their boyfriends and husbands. Around 40 percent of women surveyed admitted to having the habit of checking out their partners. However, men are not far behind in this regard either. The only difference is that men will faster take certain concrete steps to follow their partners – and make sure that they have been cheated on. However, even in this case, the percentages are close. So, we can say that neither sex is resistant to doubt – and that we are much more similar than we think.