How Long Will it Take for Flood Damage Repairs in Concord?

If you’re looking into flood damage repair in Concord then you’re probably wondering about the timeframe to expect. Flood damage is not light damage that can be fixed within a day and therefore many homeowners worry about how long it’ll take to fix the damages. There’s a lot that goes into the timeframe of flood damages such as drying out the water, repairing the actual damages, and taking care of any mold or mildew that has accumulated. Let’s dive in and take a look at what to expect when it comes to how long it takes for flood damage repair in Concord.

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Water Damage?

Finding out how long it takes to get rid of water damage is dependent on where your damage is and the severity of it. Another thing to consider is that before repairs take place, the water damage needs to dry. This can take at least 72 hours, then once your entire room and home are dried out, this is when repairs can take place. The repairs themselves can vary in time lasting for weeks if necessary.

It’s also important to take into consideration possible mold issues that will need to be taken care of. The best thing to do is to call a company that does flood damage repair in Concord as soon as you notice the damage. Water damage will worsen as it sits which will cause extensive drying time and repairs needed.

Duration To Repair Water Damaged Areas


For the actual repairs, it typically takes about one to five days to complete repairs for each area damaged. This can vary depending on the severity of the damages and the needed repairs. This doesn’t include the time needed to dry out the room before doing repairs, but overall ceilings, floors, and more can take up to five days to repair.

An average basis to go by is that one room needs about 72 hours to be dried out and repaired. This may help you calculate how long it’ll take for your water damage, because for example if you have 3 rooms with flood damage then with 72 hours needed for each room it’ll take about 9 days to complete everything.

Does Water Damage Get Worse Over Time?

As we stated, it’s very important to call a company that does flood damage repair in Concord as soon as possible to get started on the repairs. As water damage sits and doesn’t get repaired, it does indeed get worse. Water damage can spread very easily which can ruin ceilings, floors, walls, and more. This will lead to bulging, mold, and mildew which can get even worse and cause the need for more complex repairs.

Overall, water damage is prone to spreading and causing more severe issues such as mold and foundation problems. If there is ongoing water being released onto the damaged area then this too could make it much worse and not allow the area to dry out at all. Getting your damage repaired as soon as possible is best to avoid having worse problems develop.

How Long Does It Take Water Damage To Cause Mold?


One concern that is heavy when it comes to water damage and flood damage is mold. Mold is something to be very careful of because it can spread very quickly and it can be dangerous to ourselves, children, and animals living in the home, plus it impedes air quality. Mold grows extremely fast and can actually begin growing just 24 to 48 hours after water damage. Mold will continue growing and spreading throughout the damaged areas and further until measures are taken to get rid of it and repair the water damage. There’s a small window of time to work in so be sure to act quickly if you notice any type of flood or water damage in your home.


Flood damage repair in Concord can help you with all of your water damage needs from an initial inspection, drying the damage, repairing your home, and getting rid of mold. You can expect the process to take at least a week, but you can ask the flood repair company for an estimate based on your particular damages to determine how long it ill take to get it back to normal.

It’s best to always call about water or flood damage as soon as it occurs because the sooner that it’s able to be repaired the less of a chance it has to spread. The main issue with water damage is that it spreads rather quickly and it creates mold that also spreads very fast. If you have any flood or water damage be sure to contact a company for flood repair in Concord to get it repaired as soon as possible.