Top Roulette Strategies That Give You the Highest Chances of Winning

Only a few things in our lives grant a high level of amusement and various rewards, and gambling is surely ranked high on that list. Everyone simply loves at least one game of chance, regardless of whether it’s because of the possibility of winning some cash or because it’s just fun to do. The entire concept of gambling is based on the law of large numbers, which is what makes gambling one of the best ways to enhance our monthly budget. Besides that, there are plenty of games to choose from, but those traditional ones like roulette are and always will remain the players’ favorite. Now, if you are a gambling newbie, it’s of vast importance to find a reliable website, and also the one that has huge and easily claimable bonuses like grand rush online casino. Besides that, it’s best to learn and pick a gambling strategy before placing your first bet, as it will surely increase the chance of winning, and for that, let’s start with the most basic and popular one.

Still the most popular one – Martingale


Now, this strategy is not new, as it has been with us for a long time and is not only used by roulette players in order to try to win some money, which is also why it’s one of the most often used ones. As for when one can use it, in reality, this strategy is an option on various occasions, but let’s focus on gambling or, to be more precise, playing roulette. Namely, what makes it the best is that it is simple to understand, and the whole point is to double the losses every time they occur. If it still seems confusing to you, we will explain it in the example.

It is always the best idea to start with the lowest stake, and most games will allow you to use $1 for it. Doubling the stake in every next hand means that the stake in the second one will be $2, in the third one $4, and so on. Winning one hand should cover all the losses before, and it is certain that you will always win more money than you have lost, but keep in mind that it is necessary to be patient since winning some big gain when starting with $1 requires time and a lot of nerves. The simplest way to use it is when betting on color and doubling the stake every time you are wrong.

Of course, like with most things with gambling, there is a downside, and here, it’s about not having enough funds to double the bet, which can happen if you are on a losing streak. That is why the best strategy ever is to create a budget and stick to it before embarking on your epic gambling voyage.

The opposite one – Paroli

Now, when we know the first one, it is time to present another similar yet way too different one called Paroli’s strategy. It is also about doubling the stake in this strategy, but, unlike in the first option, we should do it every time we win some money. It might seem unsafe and like it is easy to lose more money than planned, but the truth is this strategy is one that is statistically even safer than the first one. The secret behind what makes it more efficient in terms of overall winnings is the fact that you need to have luck and guess the right number in fewer spins than with the Martingale strategy.

Labouchere System


It’s time to get to a bit more complex strategies, and what better way to start than with the Labouchere system. Now, the fact that this system grants winnings, in the long run, is precisely what makes it so popular among those with a little bit more experience in gambling. Okay, we presume that you now wonder, “But how?” We presume that you now wonder, “But how?” Well, let’s discuss it. Everything is in the players’ hands, and the first step here is to determine how much they want to win. Once you are satisfied with that amount, the next step is the most crucial one, picking the sequence in which you will place your bets. After you establish a sequence, you get to your initial bid by adding the leftmost and rightmost numbers from that sequence together. Yes, it’s as simple as that, and what’s even better is that there is no rule regarding the sequence, and it’s entirely up to you to pick the most desired one. It’s crucial to stick to that budget and not get carried away with winning or losing rounds.

Reverse Labouchere

Well, the name says it all about this system, but what many find confusing with this system is what’s reversed, the sequence (you start from the middle) or the bets, and if so, when and how. Now, once players get a better grasp of how it works, it’s pretty easy to follow this strategy, as it’s about doubling wagers every time they win money. Another reason why these two systems differ is that once you lose, then you cross the numbers from that sequence, and as for the initial bet, the amount of that bet is also determined by adding the first and the last number in that sequence. Of course, what that sequence will look like is yet again entirely up to every individual.

Less aggressive progression tactics


The reason why this one is a less aggressive gambling strategy is solely about the fact that one cannot lose as much as they can with other similar gambling tactics. On the other hand, the winnings are also not as big, but that’s what gambling is all about as the more risk you take, the higher the possible winnings will get, which is also pretty similar to investing in the stock market, but let’s leave that for some other time. Another thing to know about this one is that it works best on even money. Now, the basics of the whole system are that once players lose money, they add one coin to their stake, and when they win, they remove one coin. Overall, it is probably the best for those new to gambling and especially roulette, as with this one, huge losses simply cannot happen, but you end up winning quite much, as all you need is time.