How Does House Leveling Work (Step by Step Guide)

House leveling is one of those repairs that seem to be extremely complex, however, as the homeowner there are a few things that might make it seem a little less daunting to deal with. Knowing what to expect from house leveling will keep your mind at ease with the process while also preparing you for everything to come during the process. We’re going to go over how house leveling works and what to expect if you have to get house leveling done.

What Happens During House Leveling?


House leveling can be done in multiple different ways which all depend on the type of foundation it is. Each foundation type has a different leveling method that might work best for it. The two main types of foundations are slab foundations and pier and beam foundations. These are the most common among residential homes.

For a slab foundation, house leveling is usually needed when the home starts to sink which is usually caused by the soil underneath. To fix this, professionals will put piers underneath in order to push the foundation and home backup to where it needs to be. This is the best method and the most common method when it comes to a slab foundation.

Pier and beam foundations are fixed in a similar way, but the foundation already has piers and beams. Professionals will install other piers and beams where they are needed to help support the foundation and raise it up to where it needs to be. Click here for more information regarding house leveling.

Here’s a look into the process of house leveling and what that looks like:

  1. Determine the damage and cause of damages
  2. Find the lowest areas of your home
  3. Start repairing the foundation by using piers, beams, or other repair methods
  4. Measure and secure the foundation to ensure it’s leveled
  5. Remove the jacks and other materials no longer needed
  6. Ensure the home is completely level and the job was completed successfully

How Long Does Leveling A House Take?

One of the main questions that come up when homeowners are considering leaving their homes is how long the process takes. The process for leveling a home can vary based on what exactly is benign done. Most home leveling should take less than a week. However, more extensive repairs can take up to three weeks if needed. An example of that would be crawl space repair because this foundation repair is a bit more complex depending on the needs so it can take up to three weeks to complete.

What Happens If You Don’t Level Your Home?


House leveling can be a tricky process and an extensive repair, but it’s very necessary to get done. Many homeowners might be wondering what will happen if they decide not to get their homes leveled. If you decide not to get your house leveled then this will cause more problems for your foundation.

A home being unlevel can cause many different issues such as other foundation problems. This can cause bowed walls, uneven floors, bulging, and cracking. These foundation issues will cost more money and take more time to complete as they will be complex and overall just more complicated to fix. As the home continues to settle, it will not level itself out, therefore it actually will make the leveling issue much worse on top of the other foundation problems that can occur.

How Much Does House Leveling Cost?

House leveling is a huge foundation repair and it can take a lot of work, manpower, equipment, materials, and labor. Therefore many homeowners start to wonder about the pricing. It’s difficult to place an accurate number on house leveling because it depends on your home, foundation type, and more. With that being said, house leveling can cost between $3,000 and $10,000 with the average being $6,500.

Piers, which are the main repair method used in many house leveling jobs, can cost between $1,000 and $3,000 apiece. Overall, house leveling can cost homeowners up to $10,000, but more expensive jobs that include leveling and foundation repair can actually reach upwards of $40,000. If you’re looking for a more accurate estimate then be sure to contact a house leveling or foundation repair company in order to get an estimate for your particular home.


Overall, house leveling can be an extensive repair, but knowing what to expect can help ease the nerves of every homeowner having to go through it. House leveling is an important repair to have done because leaving it unrepaired will cause more problems with your foundation. It’s important to contact a house leveling company in order to get your home leveled and to also find out an accurate price estimate for your particular home.

House leveling can be done in many different steps and it can be repaired using different methods, so being sure to ask many questions about the repair can help you to feel more confident about it. If you’re getting your house leveled, this definitely is a great place to start so you know what to expect during the process.