10 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair Now

Paying attention to the signs that your air conditioning unit is giving you can save you from significant repairs and even failure. It is always important and helpful to catch and deal with problems within your HVAC system as early as possible.

If you are attentive to the signs that your AC unit is giving up, it could save you the frustration of bigger issues, save you money, and even save your life.

“If you have a badly maintained or badly designed AC system, whether it’s in your home or office or vehicle, it can become contaminated and potentially harmful,” says Dr. Mark Mendell, an epidemiologist with the California Department of Public Health. That is why a periodical check-in on your air conditioning system should be taken seriously.

Here are 10 signs to watch out for to know if you need an air conditioning repair in Garland.

1. Poor Airflow

When the airflow from your AC unit is poor, then a repair may be necessary. Poor airflow may be caused by many factors including debris build-up within the ductwork, worn-out components in the system, or a faulty compressor.

Upon discovering poor airflow from your unit, you will need to call a professional to come and diagnose the system and identify the exact cause of the problem. Sometimes, the technician will need to clean out the ducts of the AC unit, or replace any faulty component, or do some other repairs to ensure that the air conditioner is restored to its perfect state.

2. Strange Smells

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The emission of strange smells can be a pointer to the fact that your AC needs to be checked. There are certain odors that can indicate electrical or wiring issues. For example, you should seek immediate help from an air conditioner expert if you perceive a foul or metallic smell from your AC unit. You should never ignore suspicious smells that suggest electrical issues.

Also, a musty odor could mean that mildew or mold is most likely present in your AC unit, and it should be taken care of immediately. Any strange smell from your air conditioning unit will always require the attention of a technician.

3. Short-Cycling

An air conditioning unit is said to short-cycle when it fails to complete its cooling cycle. When this happens, it is practically impossible to remain comfortable in your home.

Short-cycling can be caused by many factors including leaking refrigerant, clogged or dirty filters, or issues with the electrical system of the AC unit. With the help of a professional, the source of the problem can be traced and the short-cycling issue can be fixed.

4. Lack of Cool Air

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Life can be frustrating and unbearable if your air conditioner is blowing hot air. When this happens, it is a clear sign that the refrigerant levels are low, or your compressor has a problem. Any of these issues can be easily fixed by a technician; so please contact one.

5. Odd Noises

It is normal to be accustomed, with time, to certain noises that your AC unit will typically make. However, new noises like clicking, grinding, grating, or squealing are signs that the AC unit has problems. These noises could signal broken motor bearings, slipped belts, or lack of lubrication somewhere in the air conditioning unit.

Don’t attempt to diagnose the problem by yourself. It is best to contact a professional to take a look at the unit and find the source of the strange noise.

6. Aging Unit

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Even with regular annual maintenance, the ideal lifespan of an air conditioning unit is usually between 10-15 years. A time will eventually come when routine maintenance and repairs will no longer suffice; then you will have to replace your AC.

If your air conditioner is older than 10 years, you may need to call a technician to check the unit and determine if the life of your AC unit can be extended with certain repairs. If not, you may need to replace the AC unit with a new one.

7. Electrical Problems

One way that you can know that there are electrical problems with your unit is when your AC draws in more power than it should. If you are having issues with your breaker and you have reasons to suspect your AC, there are a few things that may cause this. Your AC may have been installed incorrectly, or there are connection problems in your AC unit.

You will need the service of a professional to fix this.

8. Excessive Moisture

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If your home seems to be more humid than usual, it may be an indication that there is an issue with your AC unit. One major contributor to increased moisture in your home is if your AC unit is pooling water from leaks or cracks. When there is excess water in or close to your AC, mold can begin to grow, and some other problems will begin to arise that will require your air conditioner to be repaired.

As soon as you observe that the moisture levels of your home are rising, or that there is pooling water around your AC unit, be sure to call a technician to work on it.

9. Thermostat Issues

A faulty thermostat is another reason why your AC unit may be acting up. Some of the signs you may notice are that the screen of your thermostat doesn’t turn on, your AC may fail to start, your AC may work continuously without turning off, the interface of the AC may become unresponsive, and there may be uneven temperature throughout your home.

Should you notice that your thermostat is not working properly, it is time for a repair. You will need the service of a qualified HVAC technician to help you fix it.

10. Increased Energy Costs

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If you notice a sudden increase in your energy cost lately, you may want to check your AC unit. If an air conditioning unit starts to age or has developed faulty parts, it starts to lack efficiency, and forces the unit to work harder. When this happens, you can expect a sudden surge in your energy cost.

One of the common causes of increased energy bills is short cycling. When your AC unit short-cycles, the unit starts to kick on and off more frequently, thereby burdening the AC unit and affecting your wallet too.

Get an AC Repair Scheduled Before It’s Too Late!

If you pay attention to these ten signs, you will save your AC unit from further damage, and you will save yourself some money, too. The sooner you have AC repair in Garland completed, the quicker you’ll return to the comfortable environment and expected safety in your home.