Properly Pressure Washing Pool Decks – It’s Not DIY!

Pool decks can get pretty dirty when you’re not able to clean them regularly, whether because of work or family obligations or just plain forgetfulness. But no matter how you’ve let the grime build-up, you shouldn’t attempt to pressure wash your pool deck yourself. In fact, many DIY home improvement enthusiasts have turned to power washing their decks with disastrous results- discolored pool decking and even costly damage to other areas of the home such as siding and landscaping are common problems when homeowners try to power wash their own decks. Reach out to the pressure washing professional by going to our website at

Problems With DIY Pressure Washing


Pool decks are usually high-traffic areas, often meaning that they get dirty quickly. That makes them a prime candidate for pressure washing. However, it is not always safe or smart to pressure wash your own pool deck. DIY attempts can easily lead to damage and dirt getting tracked back into your home after every rainfall.

To prevent unnecessary damage to your home and your pool deck, leave it to a professional. A pool deck pressure washing company has access to specialized tools and chemicals that can clean without damaging those surfaces. They will also ensure that all dirt is removed—after all, nobody wants to track dirt back into their home after a rainy day.

Power washing your own pool deck can cause damage that results in high repair costs or even more expensive replacements down the road. Professional power washing is actually less expensive than you might think, especially when you consider how much a new deck could cost to replace. According to Home Advisor, the average cost to pressure wash a deck is between $250 and $400. This is a small fee to ensure it’s done properly as a new deck could run you over $10,000. In some cases, hiring a professional will also help save on water and energy usage—two things you definitely want to save these days!

Why Professional Power Washing Is Needed


You’ve just finished spending hours a day, or even weeks, building your new pool deck. The last thing you want to do is spend another minute on it (or worse, risk damaging it with improper cleaning), but letting dirt and mildew build-up can be equally damaging. The simplest solution? Hire a professional power washer to clean your pool deck safely and effectively in as little time as possible!

A professional power washer will safely remove dirt, grime, and mildew from your pool deck while leaving behind a clean surface that’s both safe and smooth. Hiring a professional can also help prevent you from accidentally damaging your new pool deck by letting dirt build-up or using an unsafe cleaning product.

If you don’t hire a professional power washer, dirt and mildew can not only stick around for longer than necessary but also start to damage your deck and nearby plants. Over time, dirt and grime will start to wear down cement surfaces, causing cracks that can then grow in size. On a wooden deck, mold and mildew will continue to build up until it causes wood rot or other potentially dangerous damage.

Results Gained From Hiring A Professional


While it may be tempting to save money by doing a dirty job yourself, hiring a professional is definitely worth your time and money. The main reason that hiring a professional is better than doing it yourself is that you can be sure that it will be done correctly and on time. Hiring a professional means your pool deck will not only be clean but also safe for swimmers because contaminants and debris won’t have been tracked back into your pool area.

Save Time


When you hire a professional power washing service, they have specialized equipment that enables them to clean pool decks more efficiently. Also, if you try to do it yourself, you’ll spend way more time than necessary on a job that can easily be finished in less than a couple of hours. By hiring a professional, they will also use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions designed specifically for your pool deck and won’t be harming your grass or plants.

Another benefit of hiring a professional pool deck power washing service is that they don’t just blast away everything that’s on your deck. Instead, they will use soft brushes and nozzles to remove dirt and debris without damaging surfaces. This means you won’t have to spend time fixing damaged areas after their job is done.

Stay Safe


A patio or pool deck is likely one of your biggest investments. To protect it from damage, you should power wash it at least twice a year. During these professional cleanings, they will use state-of-the-art equipment to remove any contaminants and algae that have built up on your decking. Even if you do your best to keep it clean, a pool deck can become caked with dirt and debris. If you don’t pressure wash your patio or pool deck regularly, algae growth will build upon it. This will have a negative impact on both its appearance and its longevity.

With professionals, they know what they’re doing. These businesses use safe and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Their specialized equipment can reach into cracks and crevices on your deck to remove algae that you might not be able to get to with a broom or a pressure washer at home. When you allow specialists to handle it for you, you can expect superior results compared to if you try tackling it yourself. They have access to equipment that residential users may not have access to, as well as products designed specifically for pool decks.

Get Better Results From First Attempt

When you DIY, there’s a good chance you didn’t do a great job. You may have missed a spot or damaged something. Hiring a professional gives you peace of mind that your pool deck is going to be looking like new after they’re done with it. In addition to getting better results from the first attempt and protecting your deck from damage, hiring professionals also guarantees that it gets cleaned properly for optimum performance in both looks and functionality.

Some homeowners don’t realize that pressure washing pool decks can damage your deck if it’s not done correctly. When pressure is applied to a surface, it works by forcing out dirt and contaminants through small cracks in your deck. If too much force is applied, then you run a high risk of damaging your surfaces by eroding them through these cracks.