Top 3 Ways to Display Your Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are sure to make a statement! With so many unique and eye-catching designs, it’s effortless to start your own collection.

As your pin badge collection expands, there are numerous ways to show them off. You can use enamel pins to add a touch of style and flair to both your home decor and wardrobe. Looking for methods to show off your enamel pins? Here are our top three recommendations.

1. How to Display Enamel Pins on Your Jacket or Jeans


Denim jackets are a timeless fashion staple, and enamel pins make the perfect addition to any look. For decades — from punk-rockers to modern trendsetters alike — enamel pin badges have been proudly displayed on denim jackets as an iconic symbol of personal style.

Create an impressive ensemble by carefully curating the positioning of your enamel pins. Assemble multiple badges in a grouped cluster if they are similar colors or share common themes for maximum impact, or use a single eye-catching design to adorn lapels and pockets alike.

Jackets don’t have to be your only option for fashion: creating custom enamel pins are the perfect way to express yourself! Embellish a pair of jeans with one pinned onto your pocket, or even pin it on a plain fabric hairband. Just remember that when selecting clothing or accessories, choose materials that are former rather than thinner as they can better hold an enamel pin badge in place.

2. Displaying Enamel Pin Badges on a Flag or Pennant


As an enthusiastic enamel pin collector, you may require additional space to showcase your pins. An eye-catching and vibrant solution is an enamel pin display flag that can easily be hung on any wall in the house. With careful curation of your collection, it will bring life to even the dullest of rooms.

3. Why not choose a monthly theme for displaying your enamel pin badges?


Transform your office wall into an oasis of inspiration and energy with enamel pins featuring motivational (and coffee-infused!) messages on your pin display flag. Or, go for a self-love mood board that will keep you feeling empowered throughout the day! With your personalized enamel pin display flag, every work session can be filled with positivity and motivation.

Creative Ways to Display Enamel Pin Badges


If you’re an enthusiastic collector of enamel pins, why not get creative and make yourself a stunning display? Use an embroidery hoop as the perfect way to showcase your collection. Secure plain or patterned cotton fabric in the hoop – just like starting a stitching project! Then attach your badges within the hooped design for a beautiful presentation that can be admired in any room or space around your home.

Show off your enamel pin collection anywhere you can attach fabric! Hang a small fabric heart decoration on your wardrobe door or frame a cork board to put on the wall or bedside table. These creative solutions offer an attractive and modern way to display pins with style.

Collecting enamel pins is an amazing hobby, especially if you have a designated area to showcase your collection. Where and how you display your pin badges can profoundly influence their impact. Showcase them in the bedroom or donned on a jacket; either way, these tiny works of art will broadcast your unique style for all to see.