6 Tree Services To Instantly Add Value To Your Clearwater Home

Trees benefit our planet in a variety of ways. They offer beauty to the surroundings with their diverse colors, shapes, and heights. Still, they also create an ecosystem essential for all living things’ growth and survival.

Regular tree service and maintenance are necessary to ensure that your trees develop and survive long. Hiring a tree service business in Clearwater to look after your trees’ health is a logical response in most circumstances.

Hiring a Tree Surgeon or Arborist

A tree surgeon is an arborist. It is trained in the safe removal, trimming, and pruning of trees and the identification and planting of diverse tree species, and the treatment of damaged or infested trees. To learn more about our arborists, visit us at treeservicesclearwater.com.

Arborists, stump removal specialists, and a tree service company employs trained pesticide applicators to provide tree service to both commercial and residential properties here in Clearwater; these services include:

1. Planting

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Tree planting is often regarded as one of the most enjoyable and environmentally friendly activities that individuals can engage in to help the environment. Trees give a wide range of long and short-term advantages. They extract and store carbon from the atmosphere, decrease heavy rain, lessen the risk of flood, improve air quality, and reduce the urban heat island effect by reflecting sunlight and giving shade, and being aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, because a tree’s physical weight is around 50% carbon, trees have a significant climate change mitigation effect when planted in large enough numbers. Some of these benefits, such as reducing the heat island effect and improving the quality of air, are localized and help the people who live and work in the area the most. Like removing carbon from the environment, other advantages will benefit the entire population, not just those who reside closest to the source.

Trees provide essential benefits to the people who live in their vicinity by improving mental health and wellness, lowering stress, and increasing outdoor exercise. This is an addition to the advantages of enhanced environmental quality and increased amenity with planted spaces.

2. Pruning/Trimming

Pruning is the process of removing branches from a tree carefully. The purpose is to prune out any undesired branches, enhance the tree’s structure, and encourage new, healthy development. Pruning, often known as trimming, is a horticulture process that involves changing the shape of a tree. Pruning is the process of removing overgrown, diseased, or damaged sections of a tree. These include branches, limbs, buds, and even physically unstable and unproductive roots. Suppose you have abnormal growth, weeds, or invasive species invading your shrubs and bushes. In that case, you should consult with a professional. A Clearwater tree service company can assist you in removing dead branches and reshaping your tree’s growth; pruning these portions fosters healthy tree growth. Trimming costs $460 on average, according to Home Advisor, with most people paying between $200 and $760.

3. Removal Of Stump

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Although removing a massive tree stump is challenging and time-consuming, it is sometimes necessary. Aside from being unsightly, the space might be better served by removing the tree stump.

Furthermore, tree stumps may necessitate additional maintenance. Overgrown grass, flowers, and suckering sprouts can eventually grow from the tree stump, concealing it. Suckering nodes become branches, but never a new tree, and the branches must be chopped down regularly. This unattractive stump is a hazard, as people may trip and fall on it, or a lawnmower may crash into it. Old tree stumps can attract wasps and termites, rot, or develop a fungal disease that can spread to neighboring trees and create sunken patches on the lawn if not adequately cared for. Stump removal costs range from $169 to $507, according to Home Advisor.

4. Tree Removal On A Large Scale

There are various reasons why a large tree should be removed, including:

  • Disease
  • Liability
  • Dead
  • Damage
  • Too close to the electrical cables
  • Researching insured tree removal businesses should be one of your initial steps. Professional tree removal may be more expensive, but consider the price of any harm done to your property or person by attempting to remove the tree yourself.
  • Obtain a quote from various companies to determine the precise cost. Cost is influenced by several factors, including:
  • Height
  • Type
  • Condition
  • Location
  • Clean-up/haul-away
  • Added services include stump removal or grinding, branch chipping, and wood splitting.
  • Travel

Steps To Tree Removal

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The following tips below are some of the most common tree removal services:

  • Contractors assess the tree and its surroundings to determine what work is required.
  • All steps and prices are explained in a thorough quote.
  • The contractor climbs the tree if it is deemed essential.
  • Branches are split into smaller pieces and lowered to the ground for easier handling.
  • The rest of the trunk is removed.
  • Larger chunks are hauled away if necessary.

The actions planned for your specific project should be detailed in your quote. Contact a tree service expert in Clearwater for more information and an introductory price if you have any further inquiries about massive tree removal.

5. Removal Of A Dying Tree

If a strong thunderstorm knocks a tree or cuts off a large branch, you must act rapidly. You may have damaged electrical lines, which might cause your entire neighborhood to lose power. In a weather emergency, most tree services in Clearwater are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Another advantage is that tree service companies often have the equipment to dig you out in the event of a major disaster.

6. Examining The Health Of Trees

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“Tree surgeons” are employed by tree services. These arborists are professionals at diagnosing tree health and can advise you on the best ways to guarantee that your trees live a long and healthy life. Every shrub, bush, and tree can be assessed for health, and the tree service expert can assist you in taking strategic steps to ensure that your landscape grows in the manner you want it to. The tree doctors know how to diagnose all flora and fauna in your yard quickly and thoroughly.


While it may be tempting to do any of the aforementioned tree services yourself, it is best to leave them to the professionals. According to Home Advisor, it costs $80 – $5,000 to hire an arborist in Clearwater to see to your tree services, you can always find one that works with your budget.