Tree Removal Services – How Do They Work?

When people have a problem with trees on their property, they often try to remove them themselves, but this can cause more harm than good, especially if the tree removal is not done correctly. If you need help removing trees on your property, it’s best to call a professional tree removal company rather than doing it yourself and putting yourself at risk of injury and causing damage to your property or other trees on your property. Knowing what type of tree removal service to use and why can help you make an informed decision about who to hire when you need help with tree removal.

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Big Tree Removal


If you live in an area where big trees grow, removing them safely requires specialized equipment and training. A professional team will utilize heavy equipment like a crane or bucket truck to hoist trees out of their stump. Additionally, they’ll be able to cut down a tree in a number of ways, including sectioning it off into smaller pieces and chipping away at it until there’s nothing left but mulch.

Many homeowners hire companies to complete big tree removal because it can be done safely and cheaply. Not only is it possible to use a crane to lift up a large tree without needing any heavy machinery on site, but hiring professionals for removing a tree also costs less than trying to take care of it yourself. For example, homeowners who try to cut down their own trees could accidentally damage surrounding buildings or cause serious harm to themselves if they’re not properly trained in how to handle equipment like chainsaws and other power tools.

Small Tree Removal


For small jobs like removing an old, dead tree in your backyard or taking down a few damaged limbs that hang over your house, it may make sense to call a local tree service rather than hiring a full-service company to do an entire tree removal. According to Home Advisor, professional tree service can remove one or more of your trees for an average of $750, depending on how many trees need cutting down and what types of materials need to be removed.

For example, if you just need a small tree removed from your backyard, you may be able to find someone to do that for as little as a couple hundred dollars. But if it’s on your property line and it’s a larger tree, or if there are multiple trees that need work done at once, costs can increase significantly.

Bush and Shrub Removals


In some cases, shrubs are extremely difficult to remove without extensive knowledge of how plants grow. Bush removal is often more involved than tree removal, particularly if you have an established garden that has been there for quite some time.

If you have small plants or bushes in your yard, however, it might be a good idea to hire a gardener rather than a tree removal company. If you want to remove trees and shrubs but also plan on landscaping your yard once they’re gone, then hiring someone to remove them for you might not be necessary.

According to Home Advisor, removing a shrub or bush costs between $75 and $125 to remove. Shrub and bush removals require equipment like a chipper or chainsaw to ensure nothing is left behind. If your shrub or bush doesn’t have any massive trunks holding it in place, be prepared for a root removal service—this can get messy quickly! Crews make sure every single root is removed. All debris from removals gets hauled away so your yard remains clear and free of hazards or clutter.

Root Removal

Roots are a problem for many homeowners, because they can cause all sorts of issues. With very old trees (and sometimes with new ones) roots can get large enough to penetrate structural foundations, and may break plumbing lines. In either case, it is vital that you have a professional remove any large tree roots in your yard; unless you know what you’re doing, attempt to remove a root yourself and there’s a good chance that you’ll only make things worse.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to tell if you have a root problem. If your lawn has sunk down suddenly in one area, or there are visible cracks in your foundation, roots may be responsible. Similarly, any time your plumbing has broken because of an older tree’s roots penetrating into its pipes, you will need a professional to fix it.

Tree Stump Removal


Stumps are cut up and removed from your yard, leaving a clean area that can be seeded with grass or garden plants. The main goal of stump removal is to leave a smooth surface for you and your family to enjoy immediately after tree removal, as well as to avoid expensive damage to lawn mowers and landscaping equipment. This type of tree removal service usually is quick and affordable.

Removing stumps completely depends on several factors, including where in your yard the tree stands and its size. Stump removals should be performed by professionals because attempting it on your own is dangerous work; however, hiring a professional involves additional costs.

Stump removal is one of three main services provided by tree companies. Trees felling and debris removal may also be offered depending on where you live and what kind of service you need. Though stump removal takes longer than other processes, it often is not expensive because it involves less equipment and fewer manpower hours.

Hiring a Tree Removal Professional

A lot of people are intimidated by tree removal, but it’s usually a straightforward process. All it takes is locating an experienced professional to assess your situation and give you a quote. Tree care companies do it all. They’ll just drop off equipment at your home and then come back once everything’s been removed to haul away whatever’s left behind.

If you’re not comfortable doing any of that, it’s best to hire a professional. Professional tree services know what they’re doing and will get your job done right. Plus, they can handle any type of tree removal job, whether it’s a single stump or an entire forest.