How to Get Ready for a Baby Shower Party?

Nowadays, it’s not hard to find out the sex of a baby. But you want to share this exciting moment with your family and friends! Therefore, it is not surprising that the gender party has recently taken a place on the list of popular family celebrations. This is not only an excuse for a fun holiday, but also an opportunity to bond better with family members and help mom-to-be get away from the excitement of the impending birth of a child.


Most moms-to-be try to schedule the celebration for later in pregnancy to make sure everything goes well. Also, at 30-39 weeks, many women are tired of sitting in the four walls of their home, carrying a heavy belly, and enduring many other inconveniences associated with approaching childbirth. A baby shower is a great way to distract yourself and chat with your buddies about the already-favorite topic of babies and baby care. And, of course, the mom-to-be with the big belly is a traditional symbol of the holiday itself.

More often than not, on “Baby Shower” holidays, there is a certain theme to which everything should correspond: the decor of the room, treats, memorable gifts for guests. If you have a bad idea of what theme can connect all aspects of the party, choose an interesting character from children’s fairy tales or cartoons. Baby shower always involves guests participating in some ridiculous, but very funny and entertaining games. If your guests are serious, come up with purely creative challenges.

Traditionally, guests are not let go home from the party empty-handed. The organizer of the holiday is sure to invent some unusual gift that everyone can take with them in memory of the holiday. Especially if there are children at the party. The souvenir should not be expensive, but fun. For example, soap in the form of a baby or a lollipop in the form of a pacifier.

Gifts for expectant parents


For the holiday should be prepared not only parents-to-be but also guests. And here arises the main question: what to present? The main criterion for deciding on a gift – it must be useful and suitable for both a boy and a girl. Here is a small list of possible gifts for the future baby and his parents:

    • pacifiers and feeding bottles;
  • “diaper cake”;
  • cosmetics for mom and baby;
  • rattles;
  • bibs;
  • pregnancy books;
  • maternity pillow;
  • bottle thermos;
  • organic baby formula – in case the mom-to-be is not planning to feed her baby naturally;
  • a backpack for mom;

Usually, at such a celebration, everyone finds out the sex of the baby for the first time. How to do it many ways:

  • A huge box filled with colored helium balloons, which will fly up, should open the box. Very spectacular it will look outdoors, then the balloons will fly into the sky.
  • A cake with a surprise – this option will be suitable not only for a fun party, but also for a small celebration in a family circle. The main secret lies in the filling of the cake, the color of which depends on the gender of the child.
  • Colorful fireworks. At the finale of the party, when the guests have had enough fun and taken pictures, blue or pink fireworks go up in the air.



Baby shower party – this is your baby’s first holiday, so try to make it bright, memorable, and filled with the love of loved ones. Make sure someone has to shoot a video of it all so that the child can watch it in the future. And for the parents, it will be an invaluable reference.