7 Safety Measures to Follow Before Handling an 80 Lower

80% lower is a receiver blank without a serial number. Unfinished firearms will not work and cannot be made operational without additional crafting. Unfinished 80% lowers can’t be fooled into firing live rounds because they can’t accept triggers or hammers. You must follow a few safety measures while purchasing or handling your 80% lower receiver.

1. Firearm Laws

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Your 80% lower becomes a firearm once drilled, mutilated or altered. So it’s necessary to consult federal and state firearm laws to confirm whether it is legal or not in the state where you live. Make sure to do complete research regarding this before purchasing to avoid any inconvenience and trouble in the future.

2. Ensure Quality

A minor mistake can cause a huge problem. Ensure that everything is working appropriately and is precisely placed where it is supposed to be. While finishing an 80% lower, apply painter tape as exposed aluminum can oxidize and rust. It isn’t harmful or impacts performance but still looks miserable.

3. Recognized Dealers

Make sure you purchase equipment and tools from the actual 80% sellers. You can buy 80% lowers on sale at 80percentarms.com. Purchasing such equipment and tools from any random place can cause trouble and waste your time. Moreover, purchasing from a recognized dealer will also help with after-sales services as they offer a guarantee of their product.

4. User Manual

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Go through every minor detail that is mentioned in the user manual. Read every instruction carefully and then work accordingly. If you get stuck somewhere, stop and go through the manual and take your time. Guessing or predictions here will not help. If going through the user guide doesn’t help, then the internet is the best alternative, especially YouTube. Taking a break, analyzing the problem, and researching on the web will be beneficial, rather than making assumptions and wasting precious time.

5. Measurements of Tools

In order to make sure that the drill doesn’t go deeper than required, a depth collar, also known as a stop collar, is attached to the drill bits. These depth collars are tightened at a specific measurement, and it is essential to consistently stop and check the collar if it might need to be readjusted. The measurements should be precise and accurate, so the product works fine and smoothly.

6. Lubricants

Make sure to use a lubricant, preferably cutting oil, as it might reduce heat and friction. This will make the drilling process much easier and more comfortable as too much friction, and heat might ruin the tools, and the heat might melt the aluminum from which the 80% lowers are made.

7. Unfinished 80% Lower

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Last but not least, don’t carry an unfinished 80% lower with you after six months of purchase, as it is considered illegal in some states.

Building an AR-15 might be easy, but safety precautions are necessary for your protection and the people around you. Therefore, be responsible and consult the above safety tips before building a personalized AR-15 rifle.