Microsoft Edge is now safer thanks to Super-Duper Secure Mode

If you’re using Microsoft Edge on a Windows 10 machine, or on a device like the Surface Hub, then your computer is already safe from nasty little malware. But while that safety is nice, it’s not what users really want. Right now, Microsoft’s browser is safe, but not as secure as a browser running on a device with Windows 10 Enterprise. Super-Duper Secure Mode is the feature that will let Windows users block all sorts of malware, including that nasty pesky adware that pop ups and steals our passwords.

One of the biggest concerns when browsing the web on your computer is malicious software. Malware can be a nasty thing, and the last thing you want is to have your computer hijacked and locked up. This can occur if the malware downloads a “rootkit” or “bootkit” that gets installed on your computer and hides itself from your operating system. However, with Super-Duper Secure Mode, you can now protect your computer from malware attacks while you are accessing websites.

For those who use Edge as their default browser, the recent announcement (and then release) of Super-Duper Secure Mode makes it easy to stay safe online. This feature is a free download that will add some extra security to websites by preventing users from inadvertently sharing information with Edge outside of the browser.

The Microsoft Browser Vulnerability Research team describes a new flag for Microsoft Edge dubbed “Super-Duper Secure Mode” on the official blog. Edge’s security will be improved by turning off JIT (Just-in-Time) compilation in the V8 JavaScript engine. According to Microsoft, the most frequent route for attackers is vulnerabilities in JavaScript in contemporary browsers. According to CVE statistics from 2019, JIT is involved in around 45 percent of V8 attacks. By disabling that component, Microsoft Edge becomes more secure and difficult to hack. Additional security protections and mitigations are also included in “Super-Duper Secure Mode.”

In 2008, JIT (also known as “speculative optimization”) was developed as a performance technique to help JavaScript situations run faster. It improves the surfing experience by precompiling JavaScript code before it is required by the browser. Unfortunately, that complicated method improves performance at the expense of security. Microsoft says that deactivating JIT can solve 50% of the problems in the V8 engine. Furthermore, more than half of all known Chrome vulnerabilities, according to Mozilla, make advantage of JIT flaws. Because most consumers prioritize speed above security, developers are prepared to take risks in order to make browsers faster.

The Microsoft Browser Vulnerability Research team ran a series of experiments to see how much slower the Edge browser becomes when JIT is deactivated. Power, startup, memory, and page load trials are among the testing. There are certain regressions since JIT is a performance-improving technology. Also, JavaScript benchmarks, such as Speedometer 2.0, revealed a 58 percent decrease in performance. Despite this, Microsoft claims that consumers will not notice a drop in speed since the test “only tells half of the picture.” Users seldom perceive a change in their everyday usage, according to the study.


Microsoft does not intend to immediately deactivate JIT in the Edge browser. The business hasn’t decided if enhanced security is worth a performance hit, so the research team will keep studying performance-related variables and use-case situations.

In Edge, enable Super-Duper Secure Mode.

In the edge:/flags section, the Super-Duper Secure Mode flag is now available in Edge Beta, Dev, and Canary. By going to edge:/flags/edge-enable-super-duper-security-mode and activating Super-Duper Secure Mode, you can see how removing JIT impacts your surfing experience.


As of now, it’s simply a test with a strange name that Microsoft says will be changed whenever it’s released to the public. Edge’s Super-Duper Secure Mode is subject to change, and you may try it in one of the preview channels to help Microsoft assess its effectiveness.

In a blog article on the official Microsoft Browser Vulnerability Research site, learn more about Microsoft Edge’s Super-Duper Secure Mode.

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