What to Look for in a Great Realtor When Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be an intimidating process, and one of the first big steps is finding a quality real estate agent.

While technology is a crucial resource for selling your home, you also have to consider the procedures involved in choosing a good realtor. Fortunately, this guide covers all the beneficial aspects you should consider:

Marketing Techniques

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The marketing techniques your prospective agent uses will have a huge impact on your ability to find good clients for purchasing the home. The most common technique modern-day realtors use involves various forms of technology.

Technology helps capture multiple aspects of your property and plays a major part in marketing. Your preferred realtor should provide meaningful information you can use to access their service portfolio.

Online Presence

A good realtor also has an excellent online presence, such as through a website or social media platform. Usually, a good realtor has a website that focuses on digital marketing techniques and provides meaningful content to its visitors. Check out Digitalspotlight.com. Your realtor should have a website listing out all the services, data, past property sale projects, and more.

You also need a realtor who has an excellent presence on social media. A good example is The Kay-Grant Group, an experienced real estate team in Scottsdale, AZ. They post their current listings and closed transactions on Facebook and Instagram, which demonstrates their expertise in their competitive market.

Property Sale Track Record

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Remember to research the property sale record of your realtor. The reason is that such information provides you with an in-depth perspective on the capabilities and sale results your realtor can guarantee. For example, if you are from the Aubrey Houston TX, it could help you vastly with easier finding what you’re looking for.

You can access such records on the realtor’s website, previous clients, and other helpful research sources.


The professionalism the realtor demonstrates in handling your queries is also crucial. You want a realtor that understands your needs and can address your needs from a professional perspective. The realtor should provide information in an organized format, be presentable, and be an expert in the property industry.

4 Red Flags To Look Out For

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You also have to be on the lookout for various red flags to avoid scams and any other similar issue, including:

1. Lack of An Online Presence

The internet makes up for one of the important resources to perform research procedures. A good realtor should be available online because it shows they are tech-savvy and suitable for marketing your business.

2. A Poor Professional Portfolio

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A realtor should also have an excellent professional portfolio available online on platforms such as LinkedIn. The profile should also be available on brochures or any other pitches the realtor makes to clients. The lack of this is a serious red flag you should consider.

3. Negative Reviews from Customers

Any negative reviews from customers should also indicate the professionalism your realtor provides. It’s a surefire source of information you can use to choose a helpful realtor for your needs. Seek this information through previous clients.

4. Poor Marketing Techniques

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A realtor also utilizes the correct marketing techniques and finds ways to give their clients value. Nowadays, evidence of technological resources such as drones indicates the quality you can get from a realtor service.

5 Technologies that Can Help Sell Your Home

There are various helpful techniques that you can use to sell your home, including:

1. Multiple Listing System

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You need access to an MLS system that helps you list your property on a private database for realtors. The database is private because the system administrators have to perform legitimacy checks and ensure spam. So, you are sure the data you will access through the system is concise and legitimate.

The databases also go to well-managed websites such as the Zillow and Redfin platforms. Usually, these platforms receive regular data updates, which are important for accessing lucrative property offers. Your realtor should help you access these platforms and specific threads to get helpful advice.

2. High-Quality Video Tour and Footage

Creating high-quality footage and videos of your home is an excellent strategy you can use when marketing property. The reason is that the footage helps your client with real-time insight into the structure of the given property.

It’s also an excellent way to showcase the value you place behind releasing the property for sale.

It’s a process that will make a good impression on any prospective property buyer, regardless of its state. You can post the videos on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, which are excellent for attracting traffic.

3. Excellent Wide Angle Photography

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Photographs are the other important resources that you need to sell your home. The reason is that you get to take clean and accurate shots of the property for any prospective client. The photographs also make for a convenient data source for clients who don’t want videos.

Your realtor should help you access excellent photography resources for your property. Some realtors even have skills with photo editing applications which can be beneficial for selling the property.

4. Drone Footage

Did you know that drones make up for some of the best resources you can use to document the structure of your property? With a good realtor, you will gain access to high-quality drone footage you can use to share with prospective clients.

The high-end realtors even have access to video editing resources. These are important in helping you create videos that are highly professional and appealing to your clients. The drone footage is also important because it gets to capture unique perspectives of your property’s structure.

5. Digital Marketing

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Creating footage, photographs, and more about your property is indeed an excellent strategy. However, you can increase your content’s benefits by posting the content online on social media platforms.

These include platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and various other similar platforms. You also need to post the content on a website that has technological tweaks to target clients searching for property in a particular area.

A good realtor has an excellent digital marketing campaign that can help you leverage client searches on Google and more.


As you have seen, there is more to marketing your property than you would have expected earlier. While you have to consider many details, the process is simple when you access the right information. Getting a good prospective client is just a stone’s throw away with a good realtor.