Chances to Trigger the Next Slot Game Jackpot

It really is the dream to land that one big jackpot on an online slot like Rainbow Riches slot. We have all crossed our fingers for it at some point. The problem is, there is no exact way to win slots. No one technique or skill is going to give you that edge you are dreaming of. Although, there are still some things you can do to help your odds.

To do so however, you still need to do some calculations yourself, to figure out if you are playing smart. A big one is to try and work out your chances of triggering that next jackpot, to try and bring in some of those seriously big winnings. This article is going to try and help you understand how you do this and what you should be looking out for when playing online slots like Genie Jackpots.

So What are the Odds?


Each online slot is going to have different odds to another. It varies depending on every aspect of the game you are playing as to whether you might win a jackpot. Online casinos are not going to tell you the odds of their games either, but you can do your best to attempt to work it out. Generally, it seems as though players who made a larger wager, got more of a return on their money and had a better chance at winning big. Do not come away form this though thinking that means bet big. This also means you risk more, so you could be left with very little. This is were you need to be honest with yourself and what your bankroll is telling you. Only bet what you can afford.

What Factors are There?


When determining odds and trying to land that jackpot, these are some of the factors to think about:

  •   Use the online casino offers, such as free spins and bonuses, to your advantage. They can help maintain your bankroll and keep you in the game longer
  •   Pick slots that you know and love, this way you understand them better, and are less likely to feel out of your depth
  •   Play when the jackpot is huge. You cannot do anything to make yourself win the jackpot, but you can improve your chances of winning as big a jackpot as possible
  •   Make your bet when the jackpot has not been claimed for some time. That means it will be bigger than ever
  •   Big money does not necessarily mean you will win. Millionaires have been made out of tiny first time bets
  •   Another way to make that bankroll last, is to bet less on each reel, but bet on more paylines. That will improve your chances of coming closer to that all important jackpot.

Increase those Chances


As discussed, unfortunately there is no big winning move to deliver that jackpot. However, if you read the list above and properly consider your bets, you will be taking all of the necessary steps to get you just a little close to that sweet jackpot moment.