Can Succulent Survive in Low Light?

A lot of people are choosing succulents for their home and office plants. Generally speaking, succulents and cacti are easy to maintain and you can leave them for a couple of days without water and nothing will happen to them.

Yet like all other types of flowers, they make your place look beautiful. Even though they are low-maintenance, there are some things to know about succulents. In this article, we will focus on light and see if they can survive in low-lit environments.

Succulents and Cacti Love the Sun

As you already know, succulents and cacti love the sun. Even though they can be kept indoors, it is always advisable to keep them in a well-lit room and near the windows. However, they are also very adoptable and they can live a long life in low lighting conditions.

Here’s what you need to do if you plan to keep those near your laptop:

1. Don’t over-water

The first rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t over water your succulents and cacti. These plants can endure periods without water and they will be fine. If you water then every day, you will not preserve them. They will die faster instead!

2. Use a great potting mix

The earth where they are planted means a lot so make sure to use a good potting mix. Also, depending on the type of succulents, they might require a different compost.

3. Have some light


If the room’s too dark, this can be really bad and your succulents will die more quickly. You can either use artificial light or take them out outside for some periods of time, just for them to be exposed in the sun.

4. Buy high-quality succulents from trusted sellers

The place where you get your succulents also matters. The good thing is that you can always buy succulents online and they will be delivered to your home. Succulents are relatively small plants and when they are packed, they will not get damaged during the delivery. This is just another advantage succulents have over some other plants!

Best Succulents for Low Light

If you cannot provide a consistent light access for your succulents there are some plants which can endure the dark much better than some others.

For example, aloe is a common succulent that people use in their homes and the reason is usually the light, They are easy going and low maintenance plants that work well in any home. Some other options include haworthias, or Senecio Rowleyanus which is also known as the String of Pearls.


Succulents love light and it is best to keep in a room where there is natural light. However, with a little bit of care they can stay in dark areas as well! This is one of the main reasons why they are perfect for homes and rooms that aren’t as well lit as your living room or your office!