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There are many types of yoga studios that are available today, some offer a more traditional approach to yoga, while others focus on a specific type of yoga. A studio may specialize in breathing, detoxification, or a healing yoga practice. Today, some studios offer a fusion of yoga and meditation, which is called “Mysore.”

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It’s strange how many people overlook Seattle’s diverse yoga scene. I know, because I was one of them. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and was blissfully unaware of the yoga scene in my hometown until a few years ago. Now I see why it’s such a popular destination for yogis: it’s beautiful and diverse. Even more importantly, it’s packed with great studios that offer exciting classes every day of the week.

You can’t sleep in Seattle? So check out these 10 awesome yoga studios!

We asked some of the coolest studios in the Pacific Northwest what makes them so special and what they think of the Seattle yoga community.

So grab a coffee, settle in, and find your new yoga home!

1. Whole Life Yoga

Loan : The yoga of life

What kind of yoga do you teach at Whole Life Yoga?

Whole Life Yoga is dedicated to Vinny Yoga’s style of yoga. The Vinyoga approach to yoga is highly adaptive, meditative and coordinates movement with breathing. This approach is unique in healing and can be used by people of all levels and physical abilities, including those with limited mobility.

What do you think makes your studio special?

I opened Whole Life Yoga in 2001 to attract people who thought they couldn’t do yoga. We specialize in Yoga for Real People™. We’re not super-flexible gumbys, and we’re not changing the world of yoga fashion. We are ordinary people who have found balance and health through yoga.

What do you like most about the yoga community in Seattle?

Diversity and richness. There is a yoga studio and a Starbucks on every corner. If you’re not into yoga studios, there are a dozen more just a few minutes away. And more yoga in the world is a good thing!

Look here for Whole Life Yoga.

2. Yoga 8 Limbs

Loan : Yoga 8 members

What kind of yoga do you teach at 8 Limbs Yoga?

We teach flow and regular hatha, levels 1-3. We also offer Ashtanga yoga, Kundalini yoga, pre- and post-natal yoga, yoga for children, teens and families, yoga for 50+, yoga for all bodies, gentle yoga, restorative yoga….. and that’s just the physical practice! We also offer a series of meditations and pranayamas, study of the yoga sutras, and many other workshops and trainings.

What do you think makes your studio special?

We have a very welcoming and supportive atmosphere that encourages people to listen to their bodies and hearts and practice in a way that supports their lives. Our motto is that there are many paths, find yours, follow it, and we support it with our programs, including our 28-day engagement program in February, where we help practitioners engage in daily practice, whatever that may be.

What do you like most about the yoga community in Seattle?

I would say the depth of practice. The people here are very profound. We have a lot of gray and rain, and I think that encourages solitude and contemplation. And yoga has been a strong practice here for many decades.

To learn more about 8 limb yoga, click here!

3. SHAKTI Vinyasa

Loan : Vinyasa Shakti

What kind of yoga do you teach at SHAKTI Vinyasa?

As a studio affiliated with Baptiste, we specialize in Power Vinyasa. We also offer creative vinyasa, yin yoga and a variety of workshops given by our teachers and guest lecturers.

What do you think makes your studio special?

SHAKTI focuses on personal development and empowerment. Our instructors offer a wealth of experience and a strong, supportive environment. We believe this yes both on and off the mat. Our students come from very diverse backgrounds, and it is exciting to see how they find their place here. In the 13 years of our existence, we have witnessed the growth and change of our community, honoring our roots while riding the wave of constant change.

What do you like most about the yoga community in Seattle?

The yoga community here is incredibly energetic! There are many quality studios with a wide range of teachers and styles. There is literally something for everyone here. We are so fortunate to have such a welcoming and diverse yoga community.

Discover SHAKTI Vinyasa here!

4. Modo Yoga Seattle

Ready : Modo Seattle.

What kind of yoga do you teach at Modo Yoga?

Modo Yoga is based on the fundamentals of Hatha Yoga, with branches into Vinyasa and Yin. Each session is based on breathing, alignment, depth and expression. We also have 7 pillars that are deeply rooted in our yoga vision: Be healthy, be accessible, live sustainably, live to learn, support community, reach out and be peaceful.

What do you think makes your studio special?

The diversity of students who come through our doors. Internships at Modo Seattle are available for all levels and attract many students who would not otherwise choose it because they think they are incompetent. We meet people from all walks of life, from all age groups and of all personality types because of the accessibility of the curriculum, the language and equipment and the dynamic nature of the courses.

What do you like most about the yoga community in Seattle?

Everything is connected! When you meet teachers or owners of other studios, you immediately feel a sense of friendship and solidarity in the vision we create for the world. It is also a thriving yoga community, with over 300 studios – imagine the number of teachers (and students!) that make this city shine!

For more information about Modo Yoga Seattle, click here!

5. shefayoga Roosevelt & hauteyoga Queen Anne

Loan : Mark Munden, BB2 Films.

What types of yoga do you teach at shefayoga Roosevelt and hauteyoga Queen Anne?

We offer power vinyasa, hot hatha, yin and restorative gymnastics classes. All classes are heated to 90 degrees, except Hatha, where the temperature is closer to 100 degrees. All our teachers teach in their own style, so every course is different.

What do you think makes your studio special?

Community, growth and discovery! My vision is to build relationships that go beyond the carpet. I encourage students to socialize and create an airy environment by putting on music, offering tea after class, and knowing people’s names. I strive to get each student to explore and go beyond the asanas so they can become the best version of themselves. My goal is to challenge people. I want students to overcome their fears and discover that they have more than they think.

What do you like most about the yoga community in Seattle?

I have been practicing yoga for 7 years now and love to see it grow and develop. So many people incorporate yoga into their lives. More and more yoga studios are opening their doors, and people are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the kind of yoga that suits them. All yoga is good yoga, you just have to find the right place for you.

For more information on shefayoga Roosevelt, click here, and on hauteyoga Queen Anne, click here!

6. Kula movement

Loan : The Kula movement

What kind of yoga do you teach at Kula Movement?

Hatha, Vinyasa, Forrest, Acro Yoga, Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Baby Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative and Renewal Yoga and Pilates mat classes.

What do you think makes your studio special?

Kula means community, and together we are a yoga, pilates, health and wellness center that co-creates, presents and makes you feel good! Our highly trained trainers are complemented by excellent acupuncture, massage, wire massage and private Pilates sessions. We are a wellness center with organic kombucha on tap, a lively shop, and most importantly, fun, friendly, enthusiastic friends to meet up with.

What do you like most about the yoga community in Seattle?

The multiplicity of beings, as well as the means to move, allows us to better co-create awareness, compassion and healing on a larger scale. By engaging in the path of yoga, awareness and healing in any form, we open our hearts and minds to others and beyond. Seattle has many quality companies, studios and classes. We are honored to share the heart of our Kula with the great Kula of Seattle, strengthening the bond of healing and peace.

To learn more about the Kula movement, click here!

7. Lotus Yoga

Ready : Lotus Yoga

What kind of yoga do you teach at Lotus Yoga?

At Lotus Yoga, our classes include reflective lessons and a sequence of classes where you are encouraged to practice in a way that nourishes your body, mind and spirit. Our teachers are highly qualified and teach from a mix of yoga traditions. The emphasis is on teaching and practicing in a way that respects the individuality of each person and the long term vision of yoga practice and our health.

Although many of our classes are strength classes, they revolve around a slower flow or rest, often called Hatha.

What do you think makes your studio special?

We believe that our intentional, sustained and individual approach to the practice of yoga makes us special. The Lotus Yoga community is also exceptional! We hope to provide yoga-based tools to help each student find their yoga practice: one that balances, nurtures and supports them in their own well-being and best self as they interact with the world and their community.

What do you like most about the yoga community in Seattle?

I love the variety of yoga offerings, the richness of the learning environment, and the amazing and dedicated students (and teachers) who are the driving force behind it all!

Discover here what Lotus Yoga has to offer.

8. SOL Yoga Seattle

Ready : Yoga in Seattle

What types of yoga do you teach at SOL Yoga?

We are definitely rooted in vinyasa (with power)! We also offer Slow Flow and Restore, Gentle and Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa and Myofascial Release, SUP Yoga (we are located on Lake Washington) and HIIT Yoga (high intensity interval training).

What do you think makes your studio special?

100%, without a doubt, community! You can’t help but feel the energy of SOL. I may have built the studio, but the students put their hearts into SOL! I am very grateful to them.

I would also add that we are focusing on personalizing the practice. Alignment and poses that make sense above all else. Pretty poses aren’t so cool if they lead to the destruction of your own body. We have a very strong customer base, but we strive to keep yoga real. Allow physicality to open doors for the mind, heart and breath!

What do you like most about the yoga community in Seattle?

So that we can communicate with each other. I may not visit the other studios as often as I would like, but when I visit them, I know their owners and teachers. И… we love leaks in Seattle!

For more information about SOL Yoga, click here!

9. BendnMove

Ready : BendnMove

What types of yoga do you teach at BendnMove?

BendnMove specializes in therapeutic yoga. We respect the tradition of Vini Yoga and all teachers are certified to teach a minimum of 500 hours. Other classes include Yoga for Every Body (a class for all levels with customization), Yoga for Strength (designed to help those with osteoporosis), Yoga Fitness and Kundalini Yoga.

What do you think makes your studio special?

BendnMove is special because of its community and the fact that we treat each student as an individual. Most students find that we take special care of them to make the lessons safe, challenging and even difficult enough to build confidence. It’s important to us that people are present in the studio, and we do our best to get people to come here and enjoy the movement.

What do you like most about the yoga community in Seattle?

The yoga community in Seattle is very diverse. It supports so many techniques that people can find what works for their body, mind and spirit. It is an active community, and yoga is an established movement method that promotes health and wellness.

Discover BendnMove here!

10. InsideOut Yoga

Ready : Yoga from the inside

What kind of yoga do you teach at InsideOut Yoga?

At InsideOut Yoga, I teach with a focus on safe body movements, with a good dose of humor, and encourage kindness and self-compassion. My teaching is based on Ayurvedic principles and my research in neuroscience, somatic movement and dance.

What do you think makes your studio special?

Class sizes are small, which fosters a warm sense of community. I feel like there are so many things we blame ourselves for and we don’t want to add yoga to that list. So I recommend that you work within your physical limits, show compassion for yourself, and keep your sense of humor.

What do you like most about the yoga community in Seattle?

There is so much great yoga in the Pacific Northwest. Before moving here, I taught yoga at the Omega Institute in New York. It was a great experience and I had great teachers. In Seattle, it’s tenfold. I have learned so much about teaching and about myself since I came here in 1998. We are fortunate to have so many teachers with different specializations. There is still so much to learn and so many opportunities to grow and develop!

For more information about InsideOut Yoga, click here!

What are your favorite yoga studios in Seattle? Share with the rest of the community in the comments below what makes them great!

Title image credit: Shakti Vinyasa

Yoga is a great way to get in shape and achieve peace of mind. However, what if you are unable to practice yoga at home?  There might be other options. Yoga studios in Seattle are popping up all over.. Read more about seattle yoga arts and let us know what you think.

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