Step by Step Guide: Organizing a Successful Facebook Online Voting Competition

Are you looking for the perfect guide to help you organize a successful Facebook online voting competition? Whether you are running one for your business, school, or organization, this step-by-step guide will provide all the tips and tricks needed to ensure that your event is a success. From setting up polls and choosing winners to understand how best to reach out to your audience, we have it all covered.

With helpful advice from experts in the field of online voting competitions, this article provides an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to maximize their chances of success. So don’t delay – start organizing today!

Establish the Goals and Objectives of the Online Voting Competition

When planning an online voting competition, the first step is to set clear goals and objectives. This will help to ensure that the competition runs smoothly and reaches its desired outcome.

It’s important to be specific when setting goals and objectives for an online voting competition; this allows for a measurable result. The goal of the competition should outline what you aim to achieve with it, while the objectives lay out how you plan on achieving those aims.

The main goal of any online voting competition should be to engage users in meaningful activities that provide value or entertainment. Additionally, depending on your specific situation, other goals could include raising awareness about a given cause or product, increasing customer engagement or loyalty with existing customers, driving website traffic or social media followers/likes/shares, etc., creating new leads/customers for your business, etc.

Objectives are more concrete than goals and can detail exactly what needs to be done for the overall goal(s) of your online voting contest to be achieved successfully; they can include things like determining who can participate in the contest (e.g., age range), specifying how often people must vote (daily/weekly, etc.), defining prizes which may motivate participants (e.g., gift cards), outlining rules & regulations governing participant behavior during competitions, etc.

Setting achievable objectives helps keep all involved parties focused on achieving success throughout each stage of the process – from pre-launch planning through post-competition analysis!

Create a Compelling Prize for Participants


Creating an appealing prize for participants can be the key to a successful online voting competition. It is important to consider what the audience of your competition might appreciate and value as a reward, such as something valuable or unique that they cannot easily obtain elsewhere.

An exciting prize can encourage more people to take part in your competition, leading to higher engagement rates. You should also consider offering different levels of prizes depending on how many votes each entrant receives – this could further drive participation by giving entrants an extra incentive to reach out and get more votes.

Think outside the box when creating your prizes and offer something creative that will capture people’s attention!

Promote Your Facebook Voting Competition

Reach out to your audience by promoting your upcoming Facebook voting competition! Leverage the power of social media and spread the word through engaging posts, videos, and stories. Make sure you include important information such as the timeframe of the voting period, prizes for winners, and a link to your voting page.

Target influencers in your niche with eye-catching visuals that will draw attention to your competition. Create promotional campaigns on other platforms including email newsletters or dedicated websites and boost visibility even further. Invite people who have shown interest before or those who comment on posts related to topics relevant to your contest.

With this guide in hand, you are now well-equipped for organizing a successful online voting competition on Facebook!

Select an Appropriate Platform to Run Your Online Vote


Selecting the right platform to run an online voting competition is essential for its success. Consider factors such as ease of access, user experience, security, and scalability when looking at possible platforms.

Popular choices include Facebook Groups or Pages, which offer a familiar interface with a variety of features that make running a successful online vote easy. Other popular options are survey websites or custom-built websites that can be tailored specifically to your needs.

No matter which option you choose, it’s important to think about how well it will suit both you and your voters to get the best results out of your competition.


Organizing a successful Facebook Online Voting Competition requires careful planning and execution. From formulating the rules to picking the right time, this step-by-step guide will help you create an online voting competition that engages users and has great results.

With thoughtful planning, your online voting competition can become a powerful tool for engaging with customers on social media while generating valuable insights about their preferences. Ultimately, organizing an effective online voting competition will provide your business with a unique opportunity to understand customer interests and drive engagement among followers of your brand’s page on Facebook.