Intel Vs AMD, Is the Gap Closing?

When it comes to CPU’s, you have two choices, Intel or AMD and, over the years there has been a lot of toing and froing between the two companies in an effort to establish the lead when it comes to the best performance. With each generation of new chipset there are, sometimes minor and sometimes major improvements which set one brand apart from the other but, as we move further into 2023 there really is only one winner.

Role reversal

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Because there are only two CPU options for widespread use, both firms have an almost cult-like following, and the consequent AMD vs Intel fanboys make it difficult to acquire fair advice regarding which is the best pick for your next processor. It doesn’t matter what proof you provide, or what evidence lies right in front of them, if you are an Intel, or an AMD fan, you’ll nearly always find some way of defending your choice of CPU manufacturer.

In 2023 however, in many circumstances, the solution is obvious, in fact, as most of the CPU Benchmarks and Hierarchy tables show, it’s now almost a hands down victory for Intel for the vast majority of users, that does however, depend upon your specific requirements. Bearing in mind that not everybody wants the fastest chip on the planet, things like temperatures might be more important to them.

Take it lying down?

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Following AMD’s Ryzen 7 5000 series CPUs causing the biggest upset of nearly 10 years or more for Intel and their dominance of the CPU marketplace, as you would expect, without much delay, Intel came back with an even bigger response, their 12th gen processors! After decades of battling it out, you wouldn’t think Intel would just lay back and admit defeat that easily, would you?

Pure speed is clear to see when looking at benchmarks however, there is more to take into consideration, as previously mentioned. There are several things to think about, so if you’re in the market for a new CPU, make sure you check out a number of benchmarks that can help you make an informed decision based upon what you plan to do with your PC.

You will want to bear in mind pricing, performance, driver support, power consumption, and security, they all need to be a part of the mix to give you a crystal-clear, firm rooted view of which CPU will be best for your needs. As you may be aware, some CPUs will run considerably hotter than others and use a lot more juice in terms of volts in order to get there!

If all you care about is speed…

If you’re seeking for the fastest CPU on the market, Intel’s new Alder Lake series is the way to go. Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs dethrone AMD in the gaming market, and they also compete with or outperform AMD in all relevant performance criteria, such as single- and multi-threaded productivity tasks. Several Intel Core i9-12900K and Core i5-12600K evaluations show significant performance differences.