6 Free Real Estate Slideshow Makers

Videos are the way of the future, and businesses are catching on. Every business needs video content for its customers.

A well-made real estate video – whether it’s a phone-shot virtual tour or drone-captured aerial footage – can be a great resource for both buyers and sellers, as it exposes the property in far more detail than a photo or textual description ever could. As a result, it is critical in video marketing.

Having understood real estate has a critical requirement for videos to market its properties to clients, but how can videos be created?

Is there any software that can be used to create real estate videos? This article will fix it for you.

We’ve made it a little easier to choose the best Real Estate Slideshow Maker out there.

1. InVideo

Source: entrackr.com

InVideo is an online real estate slideshow maker with a lot of features. The tool’s user interface is easy-to-use, making it suitable for a wide range of users.

It is a simple approach to creating real estate videos, whether they are residential, commercial, or any other type.

The finest feature is that you can generate high-quality videos for free utilizing an intuitive drag-and-drop system.

Notable Features to Look for:

  • There are numerous possibilities for modifying photographs and other information.
  • Online video creator for free
  • It comes with a large number of real estate and other template options.
  • This free real estate slideshow builder allows you to change the video aspect ratio to fit Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube templates.
  • The content may also be changed to fit your slideshow needs.

2. Biteable

Source: pinterest.com

Biteable is the greatest and free real estate slideshow, creator. It includes a large selection of real estate slideshow templates and films to assist you in creating a memorable video for your company.

You may easily edit each design to meet your needs.

Biteable offers a variety of programs to suit your needs. Its key advantage is that it is not pricey.

Notable Features to Look for:

  • A free and easy-to-use application for quickly producing slideshows.
  • It comes with a variety of templates in several areas, including real estate.
  • You can choose the video aspect ratio for the slideshow.
  • Allows you to select the number of frames per second you want to see.
  • The opportunity to add the script to videos is included in this free slideshow creator for real estate.
  • The slideshow can be generated automatically or manually.
  • Media can be added from the Storage System, cloud, URL, and Facebook.

3. Prezi

Source: youtube.com

Prezi is a famous online presentation program that allows you to create engaging presentations.

It has a feature of pan and zoom effects, which can be utilized to differentiate a presentation from a PowerPoint presentation. It includes a large range of templates to choose from to fit your real estate marketing strategy.

Prezi is free to use, and it allows you to freely alter the template and content to your liking.

Notable Features to Look for:

  • User interface with drag and drop.
  • Sound effects in a wide variety of styles.
  • Layouts for the intro video are included.
  • It’s possible to add a Voice over to the video.
  • Provides royalty-free stock footage and background for download.
  • It can change the aspect ratio of the video.

4. Makermoon

Source: makermoon.com

Makermoon video is a real estate slideshow maker with templates for listing open houses, Facebook covers, and more.

If you want to develop an interesting real estate film, its market update template is really helpful.

It also includes a graphic, sticker, and GIF library that may be used to create a visually appealing slideshow for real estate. You can also chop, trim, and split the video to remove any undesired sequences.

Notable Features to Look for:

  • Provides video templates in a variety of aspect ratios.
  • It has a large collection of clever editing styles.
  • Allows you to save the video in high-definition (HD) format.

5. PowToon

Source: support.powtoon.com

PowToon is a fantastic online presentation tool for creating animated real estate movies and presentations.

It offers a basic and easy interface that can be used to alter and customize animations in a variety of ways without any prior understanding of animations.

It allows you to make public movies and presentations with the PowToon watermark in the free trial edition. However, you retain the right to distribute your presentation on social media platforms such as YouTube.

Notable Features to Look For:

  • You can add images, update the text, adjust the color scheme to your liking, and make it seem exactly how you want it to.
  • Drag and drop your new media into place.
  • You can utilize it in a variety of settings, including social media, meetings, the office, billboards, and more.

6. Haiku Deck

Source: haikudeck.com

Haiku Deck is an online presentation tool that allows you to create slides for any topic.

Using Haiku Deck to help you with your business creation work can save you time and improve your overall design results.

It would be straightforward to take away the clutter and express your thoughts using this approach. Furthermore, all of your presentations are viewable on the web, iPad, and iPhone.

Notable Features to Look For:

  • Directly from the editor, you can add advanced motion text, special effects, animated GIFs, picture-in-picture, and collage structures.
  • Everything may be customized, including scene duration, transitions, audio, and music volume.
  • All of the templates can be seen in landscape, square, or portrait orientation.

Parting Thoughts

You can no longer get away with simply adding a few photos to a slideshow in today’s world. When producing a presentation of photographs and movies with appropriate background music, you must be careful.

A good Real Estate Slideshow Maker is a necessary tool to assist you with all of these chores. Choose the application that best meets your needs and allows you to complete the task quickly from the many possibilities available.

All of the above tools are the greatest real estate slideshow video makers, and they can be used on a variety of online browsers and mobile devices. So, here is our ultimate guide to real estate video marketing. If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments section below.