ADVANCED BREAST CANCER: A Guide to Living with Metastatic Disease, 2nd Edition

Patient-Centered Guides, O'Reilly & Associates, 1998 ISBN 156592522X

"For years there have been so many requests for a resource book on metastatic breast cancer. Advanced Breast Cancer fills that void and does a wonderful service to thousands of women by giving them the resources they have been seeking, the support they need and the hope that research offers possibilities for a longer life.... The information on handling emotional issues, treatment options, side effects from treatment, and managing pain will be used as a resource bible on how to cope with metastatic breast disease for years to come." -- Jane Rodney, Director, Breast Cancer Resource Center, Princeton, NJ

"Real stories, well-researched advice and practical references that will be a lifeline for a growing group of patients, too often overlooked. Advanced breast cancer can and should be treated like a chronic disease--when one approach fails, turn to others. This book should be part of every woman's treatment plan." -- Amy S. Langer, Executive Director, National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations (NABCO)

"Musa Mayer has given us a gift that we have needed for a long, long time: an in-depth, truthful, personal, and informative resource about metastatic breast cancer. Advanced Breast Cancer is a major work that I believe will be as important to women with metastatic breast cancer as Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book is to newly diagnosed breast cancer warriors." -- Susan Claymon, Breast Cancer Action Newsletter

"Advanced Breast Cancer is an excellent book...If knowledge is power, this book will be good medicine." -- David Spiegel, M.D., Author of Living Beyond Limits: New Hope and Help for Facing Life-Threatening Illness




AFTER BREAST CANCER: Answers to the Questions You're Afraid to Ask

Patient-Centered Guides, O'Reilly & Associates, 2003 ISBN 0596507836

"Accurate and helpful information for people who are worried." -- Clifford Hudis,MD Chief, Breast Cancer Medical Service, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

"This long-overdue book helps women acknowledge what has happened to them, their uncertainty about what might happen in the future, and their great need to 'live life well.' Musa is the quintessential advocate; we are indebted to her for her courage, honesty and guidance." -- Alice Yaker, Executive Director, SHARE: Self-Help for Women with Breast or Ovarian Cancer

"I would suggest that all survivors read it, especially when they reach that point where they are worried about not having a way to fight the cancer after treatment is over. After reading the book, I feel like Musa Mayer wrote about me and everything that I went through and continue to revisit as a survivor." -- Joy Simha, Co-Founder, The Young Survival Coalition

"In this long-needed book, Ms. Mayer gives voice and answers to those questions about possible recurrence that haunt women in the months and years after breast cancer treatment. Her honest but hopeful view will enable her readers to move beyond anxiety and statistics towards understanding and optimism. This book should be part of every breast cancer survivor's post-treatment education." -- Hester Hill Schnipper, LICSW Chief, Oncology Social Work Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center


EXAMINING MYSELF: One Woman's Story of Breast Cancer Treatment and Recovery

Faber & Faber, 1994 ISBN 0571198457

"The very best book anybody has ever written about what it is like to have breast cancer." -- Linda Ellerbee

"In my clinical practice I have worked with hundreds of women with breast cancer. In Examining Myself I heard echoes of their thoughts and feelings on every page, expressed in Musa Mayer's concise and elegant words." -- Page Tolbert, CSW, Cancer Care, Inc.

 "Examining Myself is required reading for the woman who has taken the bold step of confronting her breast cancer head on and permitting it to reach her heart and soul." -- Amy Langer, Executive Director, NABCO National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations

"A deeply personal account, but written with such skill and power that it grabs you from the first few pages and holds you in its grasp...Many of us have read a number of accounts of women and their experiences with breast cancer; this one is truly different and very much worth reading." -- Breast Cancer Action Newsletter

"Besides offering unobtrusive practical information, the story and the language-the entire style of the narrative-has enormous grace and power as well as compelling insight." -- Joann Schellenbach, Director, Media Relations, American Cancer Society


NIGHT STUDIO: A Memoir of Philip Guston

DaCapo, 1997, Knopf, 1988 ISBN 030680767X

"Artists' biographies tend to be reverential shrines or peeks through the keyhole. This compelling memoir of Guston by his daughter is both... She gives and inside tour that reeks of booze and turpentine-the all-night painting binges, the raucous dinners, the rages against the art world...Frank and touching." -- Newsweek

"As much an autobiography as a memoir of her father, Night Studio is a rich study in father-daughter relations and in the changing consciousness of women...A memoir of depth and clarity." -- The New York Times Book Review

"An intricate, gentle memoir." -- The New Yorker

"Night Studio is a remarkable book: it humanizes a great artist without in any way diminishing his stature...It's a moving, intelligent, scrupulously honest memoir about a woman's passage through childhood and adolescence into adulthood as the daughter of a powerful, difficult, utterly loveable father. This book will last." --Russell Banks, author of Continental Drift, Affliction, The Sweet Hereafter

"The most intimate and detailed biography of the artist that anyone has written...The author evokes well the bigger-than-life quality that made Guston unforgettable...Beyond the quality of the writing, it is the 'human content' of her book that makes it valuable. If this book were the last word on Guston's life, he and we would be perfectly well served. Anyone who starts Night Studio, whether they know Guston's art or not, will be unable to put it down." -- The San Francisco Chronicle