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From time to time, I may conduct surveys to evaluate how our website is being used, how users feel about the information we provide, as well as patient-centered issues related to metastatic breast cancer. A link to such a survey will appear on the website, but the survey itself will reside at, a separate service. While our survey may ask for personal information and opinions, there will be no possibility of linking your specific answers with individually identifying information about you.  The survey methology I use ensures complete anonymity.  So that visitors to our website will feel free to express their opinions, my policy is never to collect any personally identifying information, including IP addresses, in such surveys.

On this website, I do provide a contact form that can be used to email me.  You should be aware that if you write to me using this form,  your message to me will contain your email address.  If you choose to reveal personal information about yourself in such a message, for example your own health situation or concerns, I will not share any information with others that would personally identify you, without your express permission. 

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 --Musa Mayer