Pam's List of Helpful Products and Remedies

From the women of the mailing list, compiled by Pam Breakey

Also see Pam's List of Products and Remedies for Side Effects


  • TLC Catalog from the American Cancer Society offers bras, hats, prostheses, wigs, bathing suits and more
  • Nancy Ganz Body Shaping Camisole very comfortable post surgery
  • Kaufmann's/ Flexees -stretchy camisole trimmed in lace May Co
  • Nordstroms Karen Neuburger socks and slippers--fuzzy, pretty, comfortable
  • Barefoot Dreams, Cozy Chic--bathrobe, incredibly soft and comfortable
  • Ugg Boots fleece lined, comfy, feel like mittens for the feet, in great colors, available at $79.83 for classic short boot, up to $95 with shipping and tax
  • Maternity slacks accommodate ascites belly, Liz Claibourne available at Target, expandable waist and elastic without maternity look-Kaye
  • Silk scarves, soft berets, hats
  • Silk long underwear is wonderful for the cold. LL Bean and LandsEnd both sell
  • Swimsuits: Lands End, Sears, and
  • Onex shoes-from Nordstroms or on line at - soft and stylish, from $59    
  • Hand-made gowns to wear after mastectomy or reconstructive surgery. Owner is a BC survivor and extremely helpful. Sized generously, suggest ordering one size down.

Meditation, Guided Imagery, Tapes

  • meditation, guided imagery, healing--tapes, CDs Belleruth Naparstek's CDs are wonderful--there is a 4 CD "cancer pak" that I have found to be just wonderful, Fighting Cancer is the best. Pam.
  • Christine Lavin's song "The Voice...On The Relaxation Tape" on her "Final Exam" album - hysterically funny about stalking "the man...with the voice...on the relaxation tape". Sandy


  • "Women and Cancer" magazine. To get a free one year subscription, go to:  
  • "Cure" magazine. To get a free subscription go to:
  • “CR Magazine"
  • “MAMM Magazine”

Creams (only use for radiation burns once oncologist or RNs say it is okay)

  • See also Hand/Foot syndrome and rad burns
  • Vermont's Original Bag Balm - a tad greasy but good for dry skin
  • Udderly Smooth Udder Cream - wonderful for dry skin, healing scars, etc.
  • Zim's Crack Creme. Not actually a cream but a thin liquid you rub on the cracked area. Instant relief. Available at most drugstores. Joanne
  • Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion: thick and penetrating, no offensive smell. I learned about it from a friend whose skin was very sore from radiation. Jan T.
  • Aveda Balancing Infusion-is used with a moisturizer.
  • Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion-Susan advised by cancer center to use during rads-was helpful
  • St. Ives-Swiss Formula Lotion, esp Vitamin E lotion-recommended by nurse friend
  • Burt's Bee's lemon butter cuticle creme & beeswax hand creme - for daytime care of cracked & dry skin around nails & on hands - smells terrific, not too greasy - I keep the little tins in my purse to slather on whenever my hands & finger tips feel dried out or are cracking - especially while driving! Sandy
  • Cetaphil Lotion

Wigs and Hair


  • Talika's Eyebrow Extender--The pen-like brush is filled with clear gel and minuscule black fibers which create faux brows that won't budge until you wash them off. Available at C.O. Bigelow Apothecary, Water Tower Place, 835 North Michigan Avenue, between Pearson and Chestnut Streets (312-642-0551); online at Recommended by Sue
  • Waterproof eyeliner--Blinc Kiss Me eyeliner- the brown color looks so natural-order from for $25 plus shipping or eBay for $17.95 that includes shipping. Recommended by Marsha
  • - has good eyebrow pencils and also stencils
  • Ardell brow-excellent for drawing eye brows on, available at Rite Aid
  • Maybelline Ultra Brow eyebrow powder. Stays on well, but will rub off since it is a powder. Costs around $6.
  • (set powder/pencil eyebrows with eyebrow gel or sealant. Example: Eyebrowz Brow Gel. at
  • Tanning products for newly bald head: Tan Towels; or self tanning lotion, cream or spray. (Pam Drake used body jewels from the Dollar Store on her head!)
  • Bumble and Bumble-dry shampoo in hair spray form, colored variety can also be used on thin spots and scalp to hide thinning hair
  • Zots double sided stickies sold in crafts section of big box stores, will hold scarves on the head
  • Dermablend good coverage over blemishes
  • Sheer Cover

Adaptive Devices

  • Functional Solutions--from reacher/grabbers & raised toilet seats to pill crushers and canes, they have it 800 235 7054
  • "Pill cup" for those who have difficulty swallowing pills. Ask at pharmacy or do a google search
    (  is one site)
  • Mix with pre scan drinks (check instructions for at home prep: ginger ale or orange juice

For Ports and Car Safety Belts

  • port protector- donut-shaped foam cushion: order at
  • lambs wool seat belt cover-with Velcro fastener-available at auto supply stores
  • old shoulder pad in a sox-can be tied around safety harness or bra strap to protect port


  • Amoena Discreen model comes with Velcro tabs attached to the silicon backing of the prosthesis - but you could add your own with self-adhesive Velcro strips or dots, available at any fabric shop and some crafts stores. The velcro can attach to other velcro adhesive strips placed on the
    chest wall, for secure hold, or they can be used to attach heat & sweat-wicking pads or liners, which provide greater comfort.
  • Mesh puffs, shaped to fit with scissors as temporary measure
  • Old shoulder pads as temporary measure

Medical Alert Bracelets (thanks to Karen L)