Metastatic Breast Cancer Advocacy and Awareness

In recent years, a number of organizations and individuals have begun to raise awareness about the realities of advanced breast cancer, and the needs for increased, dedicated services and programs, as well as research devoted to extending the lives of women with metastatic disease.  Here are some highlights: 


"Yesterday was the Denver Race for the Cure and I was blessed to have 25 friends and family walk with me. We wore the Stage IV Warriors shirts.

"So how did I feel with all that pink? Conflicted would be the best way to put it. We received a lot of questions about the shirts. People were genuinely interested about mets and that was great.

"At the end they called the survivors up on the stage. I was in the 20+ years group and the youngest in that small group. One women questioned me about my shirt who was also a 20+ survivor. She really was upset with my answer about Stage IV. She told me to buck up, didn't understand my treatment was forever. Then all the others sort of moved away. At that point I wanted to leave. I felt like I was a little girl and being ostracized. But my family was watching and I marched up on that stage.

"I hope to do it again next year, God willing. Only next year I will create a more outrageous costume with signs to get even more attention."

-- Rhonda